An active horseman on town council for the first time in years.

Two-fer: My wife Kathy Evans is a well-known town volunteer.

Purissima Hills Water District

Bullis Charter School

Environmental Initiatives Committee

Emergency Communications Committee

CERT Recon

Water Conservation Committee

Utility Undergrounding Committee

Had a Hand In...*

Purissima Park and Byrne Preserve utility undergrounding

PV Development Area Ordinance

Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance

Silicon Valley Clean Energy

PHWD Water Conservation

Why Serve on Town Council?

#1: Infrastructure (roadways and bikeways including the Interstate, pathways, energy, broadband, sewers, and water) affects all residents and is an increasing share of the town’s operations. Even though not all infrastructure is the town’s direct responsibility, infrastructure should a priority for the town council.


#2: It has been several years since Los Altos Hills had a council election and an opportunity for a townwide conversation about the what is well with the town. Those of us with town experience must step up for such a conversation to take place.

* The efforts of many made these happen. Nothing in a true community is one person's accomplishment.